About Us

In the beginning, it was primarily an effort to restore the beauty to some of Houston’s historical treasures; it quickly grew into a desire to not only renovate homes but also to build new homes, using some of the same classic and practical design principles from the past.

The goals of our company are fundamental and clear. Namely, to build or renovate a home that is extremely solid, with strong engineering. Superior engineering will ensure the longevity of the home. As well, we are committed to implementing above industry standard, energy efficiency measures. A dedication to energy efficiency will ensure that living in the home is affordable and enjoyable. Finally, our goal lies in the beauty of our work. Our desire is for our customer to look forward to returning home; to find tranquility in surrounding themselves with our fine finishes and exquisite detail.

Trey Morse holds a wealth of residential and commercial construction knowledge, having worked his entire life in and around all areas of the industry. His working knowledge base covers each trade’s craft. He has an ability to immediately identify possible problem areas and threats of future problems. While he enjoys meeting new customers and bringing to life their dreams in a home, he equally enjoys being a “hands on builder”. He actively monitors the onsite work, in order to ensure both quality and that the structural plans are implemented as engineered. He also brings his own design ideas to life, having a keen eye for maximizing the usefulness of every space while striking the perfect balance with an emphasis on the aesthetic. His artistic ability is innate and homes are his canvas. His demand for perfection in the finished product is well known; every step is meticulously scrutinized. All of our craftsmen are held to a level of excellence; those that remain have the wherewithal and skill to maintain a relationship with this company.

Tanya Morse adds an additional perspective to the company; having earned a graduate degree and bringing a wealth of experience in various industries, she ensures the customer’s journey is as pleasant as possible. Her emphasis is in communication with the customer; information to the client is a constant priority. She sees each customer as an individual, and is talented in anticipating their particular needs. She also enjoys a more “behind-the-scenes” role, in managing the financial, and organizational needs of this growing business. She has a knack for seeing the big picture in a situation.

Both Trey and Tanya Morse feel that the older homes and the builders of the past have much to teach us in today’s building industry. Some of the materials may have changed, but the thought and care in building should remain the same throughout time.

Morse Renovations and Custom Homes believes that our home gives us so much in life; our home is where we spend time and create memories with our family, our home is where we learn about the world and about people through our community, and our home is where our children return to visit us once they have conquered the world. It is our commitment to build your home with the love and respect that it deserves, so that your family may enjoy it for generations to come.

Our Mission

The Mission of Morse Renovations and Custom Homes is fundamental and clear. Namely, to build or renovate a home, in the correct manner, joined with the strongest engineering. In addition, we are committed to implementing energy efficiency measures, which are above industry standards. As well, our desire is for our customer to find tranquility in surrounding themselves with our fine finishes and exquisite detail. Finally, our Mission is for our customer to have confidence, both in the structural integrity of our work, as well as the, personal integrity of the people behind the company.